Lower Property Taxes

Our current Democratic representative has been a consistent opponent of meaningful tax reform. In Hays and Blanco counties, middle-class families understand the pinch of rising property tax bills. Shouldn't we have a representative who fights to ease our tax burden and not make it worse? When it comes to property taxes, we need to stop putting band aids on systemic problems and tighten protections for homeowners against the tax impact of rapidly rising property values. Solving this problem is a two-pronged approach: (1) rates; and (2) valuation. Last session the legislature passed Senate Bill 2 and made great strides in addressing rate increases, but this is not enough. We must address the other half of the problem: valuation. By passing meaningful legislation that puts in place a clear and definite standard for property valuation used by appraisal districts, we can level the playing field for Texans.